Location Selection

What constitutes the decision making process in your organization when it comes to selecting call center vendors?  In many instances, companies sometimes default to certain vendors, in certain traditional outsourcing destinations. While this can be a sound strategy for some, it's not the best strategy for all. You may find yourself "missing out" on improved efficiencies, better service levels, superior performance and of course, increased customer satisfaction that other resources can deliver.  We will thoroughly evaluate your needs and recommend a cogent solution within the “nearshore” region. We stand by our recommendations because we're there, right now, delivering results for your peers and competitors. 

Geographic diversity is critical for business continuity, risk mitigation and ensuring that your customer continues to receive world-class service. Market saturation and declining labor force quality are becoming serious challenges in traditional offshore outsourcing destinations like India or the Philippines. The emergence of world-class contact centers in alternative destinations is already here and it will be a continuing trend in the new frontier of outsourcing.  

Argentina + Brazil  + Chile + Columbia + Costa Rica

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